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109 West Clinton  Street
P.O. Box 216
Augusta, MI 49012-0216
Phone: (269)731-5517
Fax: (269)731-5255

Office Hours
M-F: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Council Meetings
1st Monday each month

Your Village of Augusta Council Members:

 Positon  Name  Phone #  Address
 President:  John Thomas  731-4146  409 West Clinton
 Clerk:  Julie Glenn  731- 5517  PO Box 216
 Treasurer:  Marcea Schwartz  731- 5517  PO Box 216
 Trustee:  Bruce Bournay  731- 4728  415 West Jefferson
 Trustee:  Heather Bowers  731- 5604  PO Box 175
 Trustee:  Open
 Trustee:  Harvey Beatty  731- 5373  PO Box 275
 Trustee:  Peter Crance  731- 5932

 404 North Webster

 Trustee:  Open

 Committees: (First name is the chair)

Water/Sewer: CRANCE-Beatty-Thomas
Police: BOURNAY-Crance-
Bldg/Grounds: BOWERS-Beatty-
Finance/Budget: THOMAS-Beatty-Crance
Fire: BOURNAY-Crance
Equipment: THOMAS
Human Resources: CRANCE-Beatty-Thomas
Cemetery: BOURNAY-Bowers
Streets: BEATTY-Bowers


 Bruce Bournay
Street Administrator:  Vern Eldridge
Cable Commissioner:  John Thomas
Building Permits:

Gary White

 Law Firm:

Ford, Kriekard, Soltis & Wise, P.C.



 ZBA: Village Council
  Village Forrester            Greg Kowalewski





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